Casting Call

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Casting Call for Mine Mine Mine

Hello! We’re shooting an stunning short film in the Illawarra in late January, and we’re looking to cast some wonderful young actors in a number of roles.

The film is being directed by Duncan Ragg (Liberty St, Unraveling, Theo & Celeste), and produced by Rebecca Lamond and Anna Phillips. It’s a co-production with The Corinthian Food Store and Midnight Feast.

What’s the film about?

It’s a pulling apart of the Peter Pan story. It’s about memory, growing up, and how sometimes everyone else grows up without you. It’s written by and starring Heath Ramsay, one of Australia’s most talented up-and-coming writers with a disability. It’s part drama, part horror, part memory, about Peter Pan’s childhood and the stark realities of adulthood for the boy who didn’t grow up.


Unfortunately, all of the creatives and cast are volunteering their time for this project. However, you will get a chance to work alongside some of Australia’s finest young actors and filmmakers, who are immersed in the Australian film industry. Catering will of course be provided.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for at least 7 young actors, all aged 8-11, of any ethnicity/ability/disability.

MARY (Character portrayed as female, 2 days shooting): The leader of the gang of kids and the object of Peter Pan’s affections, Mary is strong-willed, adventurous and fun. We’re leaning towards actors of colour, but open to all ethnicities. Acting experience isn’t essential, however, there’s an emotional beat at the end of Mary’s story where she’s in tears, so some emotional range would be welcome.

WILSON (Character portrayed as male, 2 days shooting): The outcast of the gang of kids, always trying to insert himself in the centre of the action. He frequently spars with Mary in order to get her attention, and finds himself in opposition to Peter. We’d love some acting experience for this role, as there’s a fair emotional beat to be played for Wilson’s breakdown (when Peter steals his toy and exiles him from the group).

WENDY (Character portrayed as female, 1 day shooting): Wendy is Wilson and Mary’s child (in the second flashback scene). She’s got all the attributes of young Mary: sprightly, mischievous and playful, but also a sense of strength and innate kindness. Acting experience isn’t essential, but it’s a really important role for the climax of the piece, so we’re looking for someone really confident.

FRANK (All genders, 1-2 days shooting): No acting experience necessary, just a desire to be muck around / have fun.

CAITLIN (Character portrayed as female, 1-2 days shooting): No acting experience necessary, just a desire to be muck around / have fun.

ADDITIONAL ROLES: We’re looking for 2 additional young actors (8-12 years, all genders, 1/2 day shooting). No acting experience necessary, we’re just looking for a fun attitude and interesting faces for an essential shot (the last shot of the film).

Notes: We’re very happy to have siblings audition for any of the roles – the writer has indicated that we can write an extra character if needed.

What do we need to do to audition?

Due to covid restrictions, we’re only accepting self-tapes at the moment.

Please film a 30 – 60 second tape on your phone where you talk to camera about the best things about being a kid. We’re looking to see the real you, so don’t feel like you need to act this one up.

Please also include a headshot or selfie, nothing fancy.

If you have a showreel, we’d also love to see that! But if not, no worries at all.

Any Questions?

Hit us up at

Looking forward to seeing your work!


The Corinthian Food Store

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