Open to everyone!

As schools and businesses are about to open up, we want to create a platform for students to enjoy something creative and fun.

To get students creating and practising during the holidays, we are hosting a fun little comp with prizes that are won at the end.

Prizes announced 28th October

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Details of submissions

Photo Uploads

For students who are not quite confident in sending in a video of a performance.

Send in a creative photo of one or both of the following categories:  


Build a DIY instrument using what is in your household. Be creative! Even take a photo of you pretending to play the built instrument.  

Need some inspiration. CLICK HERE


Dress up as your favourite character from your favourite movie. Be creative! Even use props and scenery to further fit the character.  

With the photos, send a little description of the instrument you have built and what character you have dressed up as!  

Need some inspiration. CLICK HERE

Video Upload

Music and Drama students who wish to present a performance on video.  

Send in a video of musical or dramatic performance you have worked on. It must be your favourite song or play performed to the best of your ability and show your creativity!

Think about staging and setting. How would you perform this song or play on stage in front of an audience?  

With the video, add a little description about what item you are performing and why you picked this one.