Tia Mcevoy

If I am to change a students learning experience how will I do this?

If I am to change a student learning experience, I would like to see the student gain a positive attitude to learning with lessons leaving them with a sense of accomplishment and eagerness rather than boredom and exhaustion. I will strive to make their experience more enjoyable by finding ways of creating a stimulating lesson through engaging them in an activity that will allow them to learn while having fun. I will do this by understanding each child’s needs and goals than creating a plan which includes these elements to extend their music skills by both having aims and objectives for each child.

I offer an enthusiastic approach to teaching the basics of music in a highly engaging, exciting manner. My comforting and nurturing qualities allow children to connect with me effortlessly. My exposition is young and friendly enabling me to get down to children’s level, making communication clear and easily understood. This provides me with the ability to educate children and consult parents confidently, as a trustworthy and dedicated worker.


  • 7+ years of singing experience, performing at Wollongong High School functions such as Music Nights, The Illawarra Folk Festival and local gigs. Musical Theatre/Dance performances put on by Thirroul Dance Academy at the IPAC and various eisteddfods.
  • Singing tuition through Thirroul Music Academy, Private tutors, Thirroul Dance Academy, various workshops and music camps.
  • Piano and Music Theory tuition through private tutors, teachers and university students.
  • 5 years of ensemble singing including performances at Wollongong High School, the Sydney Town Hall and Southern Stars.
  • Intermediate level of Piano, Guitar, and previously Trombone.
  • Competent understanding of Music Theory
  • High academic achievements in Music, Drama and Dance.
  • Experience using Musescore, Garageband and other composition/ recording software.
  • Coaching and Mentoring experience with children in a range of settings such as surf club training and sporting events.



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