Danu Kalhara

Piano | Guitar | Bass Guitar

Danu Kalhara is an aspiring musical performer and composer/songwriter that is currently finishing his last year at Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts. Playing and performing for almost seven years and composing for just over five, he specializes in performance of Guitar, Piano, and Bass. He has been nurturing his abilities through the music he has been immersed in throughout his life and works to share whatever he can to help students achieve whatever it is that they have set their sights on.

Having tutored music privately, Danu sincerely believes in the impact an encouraging learning environment has on a student’s musical journey. He aims to provide a fun and comfortable space for students to express themselves without fear of judgment, and to grow and realise their talents for themselves. He is eager to teach students to be invested in what they learn and to have a rewarding understanding of music through the specific skills they choose to cultivate.