Darby Ball

Guitar | Bass Guitar | Drums - Available Mondays & Wednesdays

My own study of guitar, bass and drums through tuition, the HSC music course, an array of ensembles, as well as my current degree in Jazz Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium equips me with a broad range of skills and approaches to different musical challenges which I am able to utilize in developing and improving students’ musical abilities.

I have an extensive knowledge and experience playing music of a variety of styles across my different instruments and aim to use this skill set to encourage others in their own musical endeavours and passions.

Darby Ball

As well as being able to develop playing techniques I am also able to develop knowledge on different performance situations through my experience performing as part of different ensembles including jazz big bands, rock bands and musical theatre ensembles.

In addition, I also have a thorough understanding of music theory and am confident in teaching anything from the fundamentals, such as note names and reading music, to complex jazz harmony. I am also able to teach Aural skills including the identification of time signature, tonality, intervals and harmony.

Guitar fret and body

As each student has different musical interests, I aim to utilise my broad experience across different musical styles and genres to tailor lessons to each students’ interests, encouraging a love of music and improvement in ability.

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