Drama Homework

Term 2 – Week 4

4 pm Class

Hi Parents,

We sent the kids home last week with a bit of observation homework, the task was to pick a person from their lives – could be a parent, sibling, teacher, friend etc – and observe how they walk and talk so they can come back into class this week and try to recreate what they have observed. We just thought we’d send out an email so you can remind them about the activity or, if they were absent, so you are able to explain the task so that they’re ready for Thursday.

Thank you!

 5 pm Class

Hi Parents!

This term we have moved from scriptwriting to improvisation. As improvisation is a fast-paced form of theatre, we want to ensure that everyone feels safe within the classroom. We thought it appropriate to bring a safe word or ‘pause button’ into effect in the classroom. The word is ‘button’. Yesterday we brought this word into effect and made sure everyone knew that if the word ‘button’ was said, we needed to pause, stop what we were doing and reevaluate. This can come into play at any point during the class. For example, if the ensemble suggests lifting someone and that person doesn’t feel comfortable, they would call “button”. We don’t want to hinder the students in their creative process however we do want to nurture a safe working environment for them to grow. 

Also in the discussion we had with the students, we spoke about the importance of consent in regard to acting. We only touched briefly on this as we did not want to overstep in the instance that you would want to explain further. We got the students to participate in an exercise using the words ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘button’ to show that people’s consent can change, and though they may say they’re comfortable, that may change when it’s happening.

This is also important in the instance of a student or teacher with an injury, as we’ve mentioned we want the classroom to be as safe as possible so if someone has an injury and they feel like they’re in danger of being hurt further they can call ‘button’ to clarify where ensemble members need to avoid coming into contact with. 

We thought it best to bring this lesson to your attention just so that you’re aware of what we have been doing in class and if you would like to continue the conversation at all with your children. We understand the importance of transparency and were very careful in our consideration and the planning of how to approach this discussion.
If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, please do not hesitate to approach any of us as we are more than happy to discuss what our plans are for the term and our process behind decisions like these.

Thank you! 

Emily, Olivia and Lucas

02 4268 5033