Who can you teach?

We teach all ages and all abilities and standards. We have found that some parents learn while their own children have lessons.

What is the cost of lessons?

$40 for individual and $25 for group max 4 but usually around 2-3

Length of time of lessons?

Half an hour but we do have some students who do an hour.

Days and times available for lessons?

We are open every day (7 days) depending on the teacher. The studio is available from 9 am – 9 pm

Do you have individual and group lessons?

Yes, dependant on times

Do you do concerts/showcases for the students? If so, how does this work and how often?

We present a ‘Mic Afternoon’ at Beaches Hotel on a Sunday at the end of every term. It is an informal showcase where students get up and perform in a relaxed environment. The hotel provides a sound engineer and students are supported/ accompanied by their teacher. The Afternoons have become a great opportunity for all the students to prepare regularly new items and has been popular with the parents. There is no cost to anyone other than buying a lunch etc.

Qualifications of teachers? Experience in teaching kids and music?

All our teachers either have performing experience, qualified or unique ability to inspire and teach students. Our selection process is quite rigid and prioritises the ability to communicate with people and their parents, able to manage and develop technique and performance styles and to be encouraged to develop their own skills and therefore adding value to the students they teach. The teachers range from senior students through to fully qualified teachers. We have 20 teachers and all are supervised and mentored by the Directors and monitor student’s progress through regular meetings with teachers and parents. We pair up the student/ teacher relationship with understanding the need and aspirations of the student with capabilities of the teacher. All teachers have ‘working with children check’ and we are compliant with Child Protection. There is a manager present between 4:30 and 6:30pm Mon – Thursday and a code of conduct with teachers that includes being punctual and to communicate effectively. We encourage teachers to actively be involved in their own performing and learning and as most of our teachers are also studying therefore there are times where replacement teacher is provided, usually other teachers already part of our Academy to keep continuum. This is where we find diversity in learning creates great learning from other sources and builds a student capacity to learn other ways.

Is there a balance of music theory and music playing taught?

Yes, dependant on student-directed learning but all the teachers are required to integrate theory and technique into the practical lessons.

Some schools have awards and levels of attainment. Is this something you do to encourage kids?

We have experimented with award systems and we are developing a value-based reward system where they can measure their own progress by positive feedback and encouraging the student to identify personal objectives. At the moment we don’t have a formal award. Some are using the AMEB or Trinity program for measurement of attainment. As an Academy, our main value is performance and the student to measure satisfaction in achieving their goals in their time.

Do your teachers provide regular feedback to parents on the progress of the student?

It is mandatory for all teachers to meet with you when the lesson is completed and give feedback. We use appropriate language to encourage and provide constructive feedback to encourage students to strive for excellence.

Do you help prepare kids for Auditions/applications?

We provide support and prepare anyone to audition for all schools, musicals or any other programs. We are aware of expectations and align with the NESA syllabuses.

Do you allow a child’s input on song choices when learning?

It is import to us to allow students to be involved in their song selections. We have a culture of collaborating and partnering by mentoring students and providing them to build capacity to be self-directed supported by our teacher.

What form of payment do you offer? Is it upfront term payment? Or can it be paid weekly?

We do prefer upfront but depending on circumstances we can be flexible. All lessons need to be prepaid. We allow 1 make up lesson per term however, teacher discretion if there are more than 1. We use an online booking platform where you manage your payments and lesson reminders etc. We accept, credit card, cash, direct transfer.

What does a student need to bring to lessons? Do they need to bring own amp and lead?

Usually, a student brings their own instrument however we do have many pianos, keyboards guitars (acoustic and electric) Amps, leads and acoustic and digital drums. No need to bring amp or lead. We have 6 studio rooms with pianos, drums and a DAW recording facility.

Do the students get ‘homework’ to do at home?

Practice, practice, practice! Sometimes teachers give students some research or theory exercises.
Do you have performance opportunities as the kids develop in their music?
Yes, we are developing relationships with festivals and other community groups. Many have school events.

What is parking like?

Easy and plenty. We are at the rear of Anita’s Theatre.