There are many features that await you in the new platform to enhance your Academy experience. You will find students and parents will have access to your teacher’s ‘Group’. You will then be able to message directly and share resources. Your Zoom links will also be in your groups. This is a new platform and more functionality will be added as we settle into the term. If there are any issues, let us know. We will get back to those who have asked tomorrow.

Simple How-To Guide for the platform

To log in

  • Go to and click to sign in.
  • User: your email
  • Use the ‘forgot password’ to reset your password.

To protect all activity and information we have installed the highest level of security and is very sensitive for new log ins. If you get a Firewall Block, click the ‘unblock’ function and wait a few seconds, close the tab and refresh. Unfortunately we cannot use the same email for 2 seperate accounts. A student can open their own account but using a seperate email or an email alias that is connected to your own email. To add a child account and use an alias email For alias email set up click here

Notifications and Invites

  • All students/ parents will receive invites to Teacher Groups.
  • Notifications will be in the top right after you log in
  • You can also use the platform as a social community and invite or follow others.
  • We will also host a forum and blogs with tips and information related to the Academy activities. notifications


  • Left menu ‘Timetable’
  • There will be a login section. You will get an email soon to set up your password etc.
  • This is a separate login from the website but embedded for access.
  • This is still in development and more info to come.

Teacher Groups

  • To access your teacher’s groups
  • Click on ‘Groups’ in the left menu
  • Find your teacher groups
  • You would have already received an invite to join your teacher’s group in the notifications. groups

Zoom Links

Your Zoom lesson can be accessed from the teacher group To access

  • Click on Zoom in the group menu
  • Click on the Zoom information that will have the student name in the section where it currently says ‘Sorry, no meetings found’ and follow the prompts. zoom

To view all your invoices and payment button

  • Log in
  • Click on profile in the top left corner
  • Click on Shop in the menu
  • Click Orders
  • Log in to pay the order