Kiara Castagna

Kiara Castagna is a vocal teacher. She has been singing for over 10 years now, and seeks to continually improve her musical skills and knowledge, by engaging in vocal and piano lessons, the Wollongong Conservatorium and attending summer workshops at the Australian Institute of Music. Kiara has gained experience as both as a solo and group performer, and her involvements range from busking, community performances, musicals, showcases and eisteddfods to performing with vocal ensembles.

Specifically, Kiara is currently an active member of the ‘Ellesemble’, which she created with her friends in year 9 and has performed with at various events including a Gala Ball at the Win Entertainment Centre.

Kiara completed Music 1 during Year 12, is in the midst of finishing her Certificate 3 in Live Production and Technical Services, giving her well rounded experience of not only musical aspects, but the technical aspects of performances.

Having recently graduated from High School in 2023, Kiara is keen to share her skills and knowledge with others. She aims to offer her students an insight into further developing technicality, a personal styles and vocal health, providing an opportunity for students to strengthen their vocal and musical skills.