Mic Afternoon

Our Mic Afternoon Update

Sunday 5th December 11am - 2:00pm

The Issue

Unfortunately, we need to cancel the outdoor performance being our Mic Afternoon. If it’s not covid, it’s the weather!!

Our risk assessment addresses the weather conditions and as the ground areas being very damp, it will be not only uncomfortable but will potentially effect the safety of all our performers and visitors. 

The Solution

We will video record all our willing performer/s in a room in the Bulli Community Centre.

A download will be available and we will make available snippets of individual  performance for Xmas presents. We welcome optional donations to help produce these videos. More info when video is released.

We prefer if family members are not present as we would like to make it a great surprise when you view the video. Let us know if you do need to be present. Only one guardian allowed.

We need you to let us know if you still would like to perform and to allow permission for us to video your child.

Please fill in the form below.

02 4268 5033