Noah Brooks

From a young age I’ve always enjoyed music and performing. When I was 13 I started learning about music and chose my instrument which was the piano. Starting with the basics of theory, over the years I’ve applied myself and studied more advanced pieces of music to have a greater understanding of music theory to write, perform and enjoy jamming with people. Recently I’ve begun to perform in a rock and roll band called “The Marge Society” where we have played gigs around Wollongong.

As I’m still young I’m still learning new techniques and practicing music everyday. As much as I love being taught music, I love sharing my passion of music with others who are interested in learning music to help them through a path to understand music theory to a great extent.

Other than your experience, what can you offer the Academy?

I can offer a friendly personality and the passion to make students enjoy and understand music to learn life skills and the creativity and fulfilment you can get out of playing music.

If I am to change a students experience, how will you do this?

By changing a students experience I would want to know what they would want from these lessons so I am able to give them advice and teach them what they would like to learn to give them the best experience. I would always listen to the student and try to relate their struggles to mine to help them push forward through their music journey
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