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Welcome to our online learning page where you will find resources and links to make your online journey more valuable.

Online guitar lesson

Here are 5 tips to help your child learn online

1 – Set up a learning space 2 – Think about the technology you’ll need 3 – Create a structure 4 – Get to know what your child should know 5 – Be around to help, but don’t get in the way

Interesting Links

Music Tech Teacher¬†– Some great lessons and quizzes that also incorporate games. Virtual Drumming¬†– Better than air drumming. Music Theory¬†– Great page for all concepts LaunchPad Online¬†– Get your mixing skills! Try to keep your parents away from this one!! We have a Launch Pad at the Academy. Soundation¬†– A great website to record, mix and share your creations. Has […]

Using Zoom

Using Zoom in our Academy

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