Rockschool Pathways

Rockschool is a contemporary music education and examination pathway that focuses on popular music genres such as rock, pop, metal, and blues. It provides a structured curriculum and assessment system for aspiring musicians to develop their instrumental and vocal skills.

At Rockschool, students have the opportunity to learn various instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals. The curriculum covers a wide range of musical techniques, theory, improvisation, sight-reading, and performance skills. It caters to students of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced musicians.

One of the distinguishing features of Rockschool is its emphasis on practical learning and real-world application. Students are encouraged to learn through playing songs and music they are passionate about, rather than solely focusing on technical exercises. This approach helps foster creativity, musical expression, and enjoyment in the learning process.

Rockschool offers graded exams that allow students to track their progress and receive internationally recognised qualifications. The exams assess both technical proficiency and performance ability, with students required to play songs, demonstrate technical skills, and showcase their improvisation and interpretation abilities.

In addition to exams, Rockschool organises workshops, masterclasses, and events to provide students with opportunities to enhance their skills, collaborate with other musicians, and gain valuable stage experience. The organisation also produces a wide range of teaching materials, including books, sheet music, and backing tracks, to support teachers and students in their learning journey.

Overall, Rockschool provides a dynamic and contemporary approach to music education, blending traditional techniques with popular music genres. It aims to inspire and empower musicians, helping them develop their skills, confidence, and passion for music.

Rockschool Exam Options


2 OPTIONS               

Grade Exam: (Debut to Grade 8)

  • 3 performance pieces — 2 of which may be Free Choice Pieces
  • Technical work
  • Unseen Tests: sightreading or improvisation (or Quick Study Pieces from Grade 6), Ear Tests and General Musicianship Questions.

Performance Certificate:
(Premiere to Grade 8)

  • 5 performance pieces — 3 of which may be Free Choice Pieces
  • No technical work or unseen tests 

Graded Certificate
(Debut to Grade 8)

  1. 3 performance pieces — 2 of which may be Free Choice Pieces
  • ALL the Technical work as outlined in the Technical work guidelines No unseen tests
  • These exams have been extended to include all grades up to Grade 8

Performance Certificate
(Premiere to Grade 8)

5 performance pieces – 3 of which may be Free Choice Pieces No technical work or unseen tests

A note about Free Choice Pieces

Free Choice Pieces can be chosen from the following sources: Songs in the public domain, including hits from the charts Pieces from other exam boards

A piece from our Rockschool Classics series (guitar and drums) Own composition

Sheet music (for the examined instrument line) must be provided for both face to face and video exams . Backing Tracks are no longer mandatory  for FCPs , but if used , must be provided at the exam on a device , downloaded  and ready to play. Please download and read the FCP guidelines carefully when selecting a work.