Sea Cleffs

Vocal Groups

“The Sea-Clefs” Vocal Ensemble for ages Over 10

Tuesdays @ 5:30pm

Join the “The Sea-Clefs” School Vocal Ensemble for ages Over 10 for the opportunity to sing with other talented upcoming musicians and vocalists. We aim to sing many arrangements that strive for working with other singers, awareness of harmony, basic music theory and ear training. Also, we learn the basics of vocal health, singing techniques and blending, and solo skills within a group.


The ensemble will feature various works from many genres, including Disney, Musical Theatre and Contemporary. These works will be developed and delivered back to our audience with a high Enthusiasm and Knowledge level. You will develop your voice as you rehearse and aim to perform on stage either solo, with a group or with a band.

We invite all young vocalists to join!

Your Vocal Coach - Missy Lancaster