Students will engage in a learning program tailored to suit their individual needs regardless of age or ability level. Thirroul Academy offers tuition in all styles of music from Rock to Classical

Man playing on guitar

and everything in between. Tutors teach music theory and correct technique through pieces of music which cater to the student’s interests.

Thirroul Academy places a strong focus on the development of technical skills which enable your hands to perform the movements required to play music fluently. If your technique is right, you will be able to play harder pieces sooner. Learning the correct technique also prevents injury to muscles and tendons, which can be caused by playing the guitar incorrectly.
We can prepare students for the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams if they wish to complete music grades.

Guitar tuition is available in individual, partner and group lessons.

Students attend weekly lessons that focus on the following:

  • Lead, rhythm, fingerpicking, plectrum technique and/or classical technique
  • Music literacy including standard treble stave notation and/or tablature
  • Music theory
  • Chords and how to use them
  • Scales, keys and modes
  • Improvisation
  • Understanding of Dynamics and Expressive Techniques
  • Technical understanding and mastery of many styles

There is a range of performance opportunities available throughout the year provided by both our studio and other establishments and groups throughout the region. In the past, our students have performed at:

  • Thirroul Academy of Music & Drama Showcase Concerts
  • Thirroul Seaside & Arts Festival
  • NSW Department of Education’s Southern Stars (by successful audition)
  • NSW Department of Education’s Schools Spectacular (by successful audition)
  • Scarborough Art Show
  • AMEB Examinations
  • Local Eisteddfods
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