Music Theory & Composition with Jeremy Boulton & Nic Serray (weekly)


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Hosted by leading Illawarra musicians Jeremy Boulton and Nic Serray, this masterclass will equip students with foundation level music theory and composition skills that will supplement their primary instrument or voice lessons.

The course is designed for any musicians just starting to play their instruments or for those a bit further down the track. By the end of the two intensive sessions plus the follow up online sessions, students will be equipped with knowledge including;

All commonly used music notation symbols and their functions;

  • How to hand draw and input symbols in music notation software
  • Learn the function of the musical stave and understand pitch notation
  • Understand the organisation and notation of durations (beats and pulses) in conjunction with pitch
  • Develop an understanding of triads (chords) and basic harmonic functions
  • Begin notating and copying music by hand
  • Musescore software

Student requirements for the masterclass;

  • A laptop with Musescore notation software downloaded prior to the session. (Assistance available 30 minutes prior to the first class for setup if required)
  • Graphite pencils
  • an eraser and a sharpener
  • Blank music workbook with staves (available at Officeworks. Spirax or similar brands available
  • An eagerness to learn and ask questions as soon as they come to mind!