Online Drama


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Let us know of any special considerations to make the student experience a positive one.



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Academy Online Classes are…

  • Filled with interactive play-based activities
  • An opportunity to stretch your imagination after a day stuck indoors, turning your everyday into the fantastical
  • A chance to come together with friends
  • Focused on the positive, using creativity to combat the difficulty of these tricky times

Typical activities you could expect would be..

  • Creating characters from objects in your own home
  • Inventing stories and scenes with your classmates
  • Physical and mindfulness activities, for shaking off the day

Students would need to have a device with Zoom capabilities, as well as some clear space in which to move. We will be up and active, so be sure you don’t have anything to trip over! We prefer you do not use your bedroom. If this is unavoidable, please be sure to keep your door open.