SKEPic! Improv – Adults (10 weeks)


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Improvisation masterclasses that inspire, empower, build confidence & performance skills, and above all, create a safe & fun environment for group learning, laughter and PLAY!

An open mind, and a desire to have fun. No other skills or preparation is necessary!

An introductory course in short form improvisation (with a combination of comedy & dramatic), to include NEW short form and general imrprov games and exercises from the USA & UK, with the aim of a performance at the end of the course. Throughout the course, students will learn basic improv skills and techniques: to learn let go of preconceived ideas and limitations, follow instincts, learn to create new worlds from absolutely nothing together as a team, build confidence in performing and group work, develop integral social and human principles such as trust, community, support, friendship, joy, and ultimately having an awful lot of fun, laughter, and play.

Improv is an artform unlike any other, because no preparation or practise is really required, so it can be used for an abundance of reasons. Not only does it help bring joy and spontaneity to performance and stage time, but it can help build confidence, team work, community, help combat social and performance anxiety, help someone to rediscover a lost or rigid sense of performance confidence, help discover a love of comedy or theatrics, or even just making stuff up on the spot, and enjoying that process.

It should be an integral aspect of all education, businesses, and aspects of life in general, because the whole process from start to finish comes from a place of trust, support and shared joy, and that can only be a truly positive thing.