with Glenn Whitehall

Wednesdays 4-5pm  

In this 1 hour workshop we’ll be looking at ideas for firing up creativity, we’ll break down our favourite songs and discuss why they work, we’ll start to understand chord progressions and song forms, and we’ll start to share what we’ve been working on in our own writing!

Glenn is an experienced professional singer/guitarist/songwriter, playing over 150 gigs/sessions a year across a huge range of stages- national television (“the voice” 2012/13, panellist on “all together now” 2018, “Australia’s Biggest Singalong” 2021), high profile tribute shows (CCE’s “great gig in the sky” 2017, “1978” 2018, Twilight at Taronga “The Eagles” 2013), support spots for Boyz II Men (2012 tour), Jose Feliciano (2012) and corporate/social events and venues across the country and New Zealand.

He has fronted and written for numerous original projects, with the latest band “The Sacred Crows” forming in 2021. He holds post graduate qualifications in contemporary music and has been on staff at The Australian Institute of Music for over 10 years.

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