Studio Update

Ive added a message from me. 

After much consideration, we need to move away from the studio at the rear of Anitas. I am finding it difficult to manage, maintain and afford the higher rent. As you know, the cashflow of the business has been impacting everyone and there needed to be some changes to the operation. 


I am working with Thirroul Library (Community Center) with using rooms and with using the Bulli Senior Citizens centre, lessons can continue.

  • Offering face to face, online and in home lessons for students. Can you select on the form below which preferences you can provide. If you select home visits, I will offer a little travel allowance ($tbc).
  • Sending a survey for our current enrolment and will cover preferences of location. Our Drama and woodwind classes remain as is.

Benefits to the business. 

  • More agile and preparedness for anything during the flue season.
  • We only book rooms for when we use them. The studio was only used 12 hours per week during terms and was wasted during holiday times. A massive cost to the business.
  • Much better cashflow for regular payments for teachers. Losing the studio injects an extra $30k plus into the annual cashflow. 

There were many reasons for this decision and include;

  • A recent increase in rental that makes longterm sustainable unfeasible as it now costs the business almost 50k per year. 
  • A massive downturn in enrolments for term 2. Approx 40% down. This downturn is consistent in other studios. Due to cost of living. 
  • 2024 has experienced sickness with teachers and students that has impacted greatly in the financial profitability of the business. On average, 7 thousand in refunds and credits. 
  • The use of the studio is not safe as there is no ventilation and with the upcoming flue season predicted to be the worse and there is another threat of other viruses.