Teacher 2021

Teacher Update 2021

Welcome to 2021.

There are a few changes for this year.

  1. Bethany Bracamonte will be taking a leadership role at the Academy from February 2021. She will be taking on managing many of the tasks I have had to delegate. Please ensure you are respectful and engaging.
  2. Employment contracts – not a big change but we need to enforce if these are not signed, you will not be able to work at the Academy. There are many additions due to Insurance, Covid compliance and expectation of behaviour. ie Code of Conduct and communication.
  3. Communication – it is important that you regularly check your messages and emails. This also includes any correspondence that you may have with the parent or student regarding change of times, or makeups. Bethany will be supporting you regarding this.

Please fill in the following information ASAP

Holiday Lessons

For those who wish to work during the holiday period, please fill in the availability below.