Jason McHugh

Drums | Guitar
E-mail: teacher@musicdancedrama.com.au

I first fell in love with music writing songs on the guitar. I quickly decided they needed drums and some bass so I went off and learned as much as I could!
I moved to a Performing Arts High School to improve my skills, where I did my AMEB examinations for drum kit.

My passion for music has taken me across 7 countries, sharing the stage with many great local bands as well as bigger acts such as The Lemonheads (USA), Against Me! (USA), Shonen Knife (JPN) and The Rebel (UK). I’ve played in a number of bands and was fortunate enough to join Austin Leonard Jones on his recent Australian/New Zealand tour as drummer. I enjoy recording music and have released a number of albums/EPs with different groups – most recently with my band Enfant Terrible.

Music lessons were some of the funnest experiences I had growing up and they set me on an incredible course for life.
I am grateful to now be able to teach at the academy to help start my students’ journeys into music.


02 4268 5033