Wylie Lucas

Drama | Singing

Yazmin Cotter

Intro to music | Piano | Singing

I love music and it inspires me to see our students develop a passion for music in their life. I enjoy encouraging and seeing my students thrive and develop their musical talents.

Molly Parrish-Gibbons

Guitar | Singing | Piano | Drama | Musical Theatre

Mel Martin

Singing | Early Childhood

“I find teaching so fulfilling watching students confidence grow and allowing them to shine doing something they love.”

Lana Morini


Lana is delighted to join the team at Thirroul Academy and is especially grateful to be able to share her love of music with others. She holds a Bachelor of…

Zac Ellevsen

Singing | Guitar | Piano | Drums | Drama

Zac is a passionate, creative musician and actor who loves to teach and share his experiences as a performer and passion for the arts with others. Zac began his music…

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