The Purpose Journey

I started my sense of purpose over ten years ago. Mostly driven by my want for learning and to educate people around me. Almost three years owning The Academy, I have the desire to create a culture of wellbeing and support for anyone who wishes to be involved in the performing arts.

I am a believer of when you start a mission, the right people will come forward, but only if you demonstrate the right message. Since the recent events of COVID-19, The Academy confronted with how to engage quality learning and to be commercially viable and sustainable. Drawing on the intrinsic qualities of my staff, we were able to connect with our customer base, including families that needed comforting and support through confronting times. We integrated better online systems, created relevant resources to engage students and kept a consistent timetable, but it came down to wellbeing. The fear and anxieties within all our stakeholders, including teachers, students and families (including myself) created an atmosphere that needed expressing!

I met Jackie Hewett from Coal Coast Photo who moved the brand of the Academy to be accessible and current. Jackie has the innate ability to show a natural image of teachers and students. We wanted a connection to wellbeing and the environment and here comes Ella Gibbins and the Atlas of Conscienceness. This young woman connected with our message and offered to lift our message to a new level.

Bring on the phrase…@ The Academy, how do you feel? It’s not about the Academy; it’s what we need to understand how our customer feels. We build the business around that! How awesome does it feel if a company cares and wants to support its main ‘supers star’! The rest follows.

This ad is a gift to the people who have been part of this Journey of The Academy!!!
Stay Safe and be positive!

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