Week 1 Important Update

Open for business

Hi everyone,

We hope the start of 2022 has been a great one!

We need your support. Due to the current climate of restrictions and the disruption of Covid, we have had to make some immeadiate changes to our enrolment policies. We are only a small business that relies  on fees and our focus is to keep sustainable lessons to support student experience and the incomes of teachers.

The last 2 years have impacted the Academy especially in the last 6 months. It will take some time to recover but we will need your support with working with us.

This is a post to update you regarding enrolment and make up lessons at The Academy.

We also want to reassure you we have strict Covid compliance and focused on mitigating any disruptions. Our strategy is to provide online lessons for those in isolation for all ages that incorporate theory and games These online lessons are focused on fun and engagement whilst learning more about the fundamentals of music aligned with school curriculums.

We encourage everyone to communicate where we can assist as much as we can.

Re – enrolments

  • It is always assumed that student return each term/ year and as per our ‘conditions of enrolment’, we need 2 weeks notice for any changes or cancellations. These 2 weeks will be charged. The reason is that our teachers need sustainable income and need time to retimetable, fill the spot with another student and adjust. 

Sickness and/or Isolation

If you are not well, you must not attend the Academy unless you have spoken to us directly beforehand. 

We cannot always offer make up lessons but we do want to keep students engaged. We do have the option for online lessons and suitable for all ages, yes even the young ones. These will be flexible in their delivery and we have resourced some great relevant activities including

  • Worksheets
  • Theory
  • Games
  • Practical
  • Aural

We know that not every student enjoys learning online but we do have these resources to make it as much fun and engaging as possible.

Once again, always talk to us as we want to keep students engaged always. 

Make Up Lessons

In the past we have been very lenient with making up lessons. Unfortunately, this cannot be sustainable.

Group and partner make ups can only be provided if there is another class running in a different time slot and we cannot guarantee the same teacher. Eg If you miss a drama class, you are welcome to join Movement or Circus skills.

Individual lessons It is expected that students will commit to attending the full term’s lessons, and that the teacher will provide the full ten lessons within the term.

Any requests can be made to vary the scheduled lesson by giving minimum of 24 hrs notice will be treated as a Special Consideration request and assessed on a case-by-case basis, but it cannot always be accommodated.

Teacher Absence – If a teacher is absent during the term, the student is entitled to a make-up lesson or if the student cannot attend this lesson will be cancelled and a fee credit to be raised instead. Alternatively, a separate, mutually agreeable time may be arranged between the teacher and family.

If the student does not attend the rescheduled lesson, credit is not given.

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