Rock Stars rockin their way

The “Rockin” program is designed to introduce secondary school students to the exciting world of rock music through the formation and operation of their own school rock band.

This program aims to foster creativity, teamwork, musical skill development, and a passion for music among students.

Over the course of a semester or school year, students will learn to play instruments, collaborate as a band, and even perform live in front of their peers.

Program Goals:

    1. Introduce students to the fundamentals of rock music, including its history, styles, and influential artists.
    2. Promote teamwork, communication, and collaboration among students as they work together to create music.
    3. Provide opportunities for students to express themselves creatively through song writing and arranging.
    4. Build confidence and stage presence by organising live performances.
    5. Encourage a lifelong appreciation for music and an understanding of its cultural significance.

Program Components:

    1. Instrument Workshops:
      • Weekly or bi-weekly workshops for students to learn how to play in a rock band setting.
      • Instruments covered: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, and Vocals.
    1. Music Theory and Song writing:
      • Basic music theory lessons to teach students how to read sheet music and understand chord progressions.
      • Song writing workshops to help students compose their own songs.
    1. Band Formation:
      • Students form bands based on their instrument choices.
      • Bands are encouraged to select a band name and establish a group identity.
    1. Rehearsals:
      • Weekly band rehearsals where students practice playing together.
      • Emphasis on teamwork, timing, and musicality.
    1. Performance Opportunities:
      • Regular performances at Beaches Hotel.
    1. Music Appreciation:
      • Discussions and listening sessions on rock music history, sub-genres, and iconic bands.
    1. Recording Experience:
      • An introduction to recording and producing music.
      • Students have the chance to record their original songs.
    1. Final Concert:
      • A culmination of the program with a rock concert featuring all student bands.
      • Invite community and parents to attend.
    1. Evaluation and Progress:
      • Ongoing assessment of student progress and growth.
      • Encourage self-assessment and peer feedback.
    1. Post-Program Opportunities:
      • Establish alumni connections for continued musical involvement.
      • Encourage students to form their own bands outside of school.

This program aims to create a vibrant and engaging learning experience for secondary school students while fostering a lifelong passion for music and collaboration. It celebrates creativity and provides a platform for students to express themselves through the power of rock music.