Conditions Of Enrolment

By enrolling at Thirroul Academy of Music Dance Drama, students and parents agree to the following conditions:


i. Thirroul Academy of Music Dance Drama will not deliver any lesson until it has been paid for.

ii. Full-term or half-term lesson fees are to be paid by Friday of Week 1 each term. All invoices will be distributed by print and/or email prior to this date.

iii. Those who choose to pay their lesson fees on a week-by-week or fortnightly basis must ensure lessons are paid for before they take place. Please note: using this payment method places students at risk of missing a lesson should money be forgotten or unavailable for any reason.

iv. Thirroul Academy of Music Dance Drama will always accept EFTPOS, direct deposit, cash, or our direct debit system to facilitate payment of fees.

v. Late Fees will apply of $2.50 per week for any amount outstanding.


i. Missed lessons must be paid for and will not be deducted from a student’s fees. A weekly time slot has been reserved for the student and the student’s teacher is always present and prepared to teach the lesson. Online lessons will be offered in lieu of student not able to attend face to face lessons with a focus on theory and games.

ii. INDIVIDUAL Lessons: One make-up lesson will be offered per term; regardless of how many are missed. The lesson will be arranged at a time convenient to both the tutor and the student – this is often a weeknight during the term or on the first Saturday of any school holiday period. Should a student be unable to attend the arranged make-up lesson, it will not be rescheduled, and the original lesson will be forfeited.

iii. PARTNER/ GROUP Lessons: A missed lesson can only be made up when there is another group lesson is available. There is no guarantee that the same teacher and/or timeslot would be available. The lesson cannot be rescheduled as an individual lesson, therefore the original lesson will be forfeited.

iv. 24 hours notice must be given for any lesson absence and failure to do so will result in no make-up lesson offered. Advising an absence allows the efficient scheduling of other students who may require a make-up lesson or alternate lesson time for any reason.

v. Any lesson cancelled by Academy of Music Dance Drama due to unforeseen circumstances or misadventure will be made-up or credited as necessary.

vi. Make-up lessons must be delivered in the same term as the non-attendance and cannot be carried forward to a new term.


i. Make-up lessons are not given for missed group lessons.

ii. If a tutor believes that a student’s behaviour is inhibiting the learning of others, that student will be removed from the lesson, or part thereof, with no refund, credit or make-up lesson given.

iii. Although Thirroul Academy of Music Dance Drama takes great care in placing students in group lessons with similarly aged students at a similar experience level, we cannot guarantee that a suitable group will always be available for the student.


i. A minimum of two weeks’ notice must be given in order to terminate enrolment. 

ii. Payment will be applied to the two-week notice period regardless of whether or not lessons were delivered. Any further lessons will be refunded.

iii. It is assumed automatic reenrollment is proceeded into the following term unless notified.


i. There may be times when a scheduled tutor is unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, such as illness or other misadventure. Should this occur, Thirroul Academy of Music Dance Drama reserves the right to change tutors without notice.

ii. Students who arrive late for their lesson will still have their lesson conclude at the scheduled time, as lengthening lessons to accommodate late students is not fair. Make-up lessons for part-absences will not be given.

iii. Students are to be supervised in the waiting room until the lesson begins, as staff are unable to do so.

iv. Contact details must be provided and kept up-to-date. These must include a contact number, email address and parent/caregiver contact names.

v. In the unlikely event of sudden illness or if the student is involved in an accident and the tutor deems it necessary to call a medical emergency practitioner, the parent or guardian authorises the tutor to contact the appropriate medical services.