Code of Conduct


Undertaking and retaining work in the capacity of teacher at the Academy of Music Dance Drama in 2024 is subject to the following conditions.

  1. New teachers commence at the academy on a trial basis; the duration of the trial is one school term. If the teacher proves to be a valuable asset to the academy by operating in accordance with the understanding outlined below, and completes all specified duties daily, they will be retained. If the teacher’ s performance is not satisfactory they will be dismissed.
  2. Teachers who are offered a position at the academy are expected to complete a full year of service in the position. This enables the students who are entrusted to them to complete a full year’ s course of study without the disruption of changing teachers inside of twelve months. The Academy reserves the right to move students from one teacher to another as the need arises without notice.
  3. Teachers are reviewed each year and offered a further 12 months agreed between the manager and the teacher.
  4. The conduct of a teacher is to be professional at all times.

Teachers are to be

  1. Provide individual learning plans for students. (digital/hardcopy booklets will be provided)
  2. Always check your timetable before shift for any changes
  3. Punctual – must arrive 10mins before shift
  4. Timely – Must commence each lesson on time. Suggest to complete lesson 2 minutes remaining to provide feedback with student or student parent.
  5. Prepare for lessons – must have lesson materials and resources ready and accessible.
  6. Provide a report for any replacing teacher.
  7. Use appropriate language – positive feedback and clear and concise instructions.
  8. Dress professionally. Smart casual attire. No beach/ streetwear or thongs
  9. Alcohol is not to be consumed on the premises or within two hours of commencing a shift.
  10. No hot drinks in studios unless in a fully contained mug ie. With a lid.
  11. Each teacher is required to check regularly and respond to acknowledge their sms/email for any correspondence.
  12. Maintain accurate attendance details at all times and make notes as required.
  13. In advice of the manager, if students arrive for a lesson that has not been paid for, teachers may be required to request payment before the lesson proceeds. (If parents are not present at the beginning of a lesson, clearly inform the student their parents are to pay the fees before leaving.)
  14. Attend all meetings either face to face or remotely via video conferencing.
  15. Be familiar with The Academy’s Child Safe Organisation policy.
  16. Unless agreed, teachers will only be paid if attendance records are updated and complete. Invoices need to be submitted before Monday of the second week cycle. Any errors will delay the payment.
  17. Payments are to be checked and notified by email if there are any inaccuracies immediately.
  18. Teachers are expected to contribute student items to any minor and major concert performances. Teacher presence at these concerts is compulsory unless negotiated.
  19. The Academy strives to deliver excellent customer service.
  20. Lessons are not to be cancelled or moved without the knowledge of Studio Manager and Director.
  21. In extreme circumstances, if a lesson needs to be cancelled or moved, it will be done at the discretion of the Director.
  22. If lessons have had to be cancelled it is expected that the teacher will conduct make-up lessons within the week following their return to work. Refer


  1. INDIVIDUAL Lessons: One make-up lesson will be offered per term; regardless of how many are missed. The lesson will be arranged at a time convenient to both the teacher and the student – this is often a weeknight during the term or on the first Saturday of any school holiday period. Should a student be unable to attend the arranged make-up lesson, it will not be rescheduled, and the original lesson will be forfeited.
  1. PARTNER/ GROUP Lessons: A missed lesson can only be made up when there is another group lesson is available. There is no guarantee that the same teacher and/or timeslot would be available. The lesson cannot be rescheduled as an individual lesson; therefore the original lesson will be forfeited.
  1. In the event that a teacher is ill they are to notify the Studio Manager as soon as possible so that cover can be arranged for their lessons.
  2. Staff meetings will be held once a term unless otherwise advised. Attendance at these meetings is compulsory as important information and training will be given. The more we grow, the more we learn and the more we need to ensure we are all on the right course. Where a teacher does not attend staff meetings the Academy will be led to doubt that teacher’s level of commitment. Two weeks’ notice will be given informing of meeting venues and times.
  3. Teachers are not to solicit academy students and avoid giving phone numbers to students/parents. All communication is to take place through the Manager or Director. This ensures the smooth running of the Academy. In the event that a teacher poaches students from the Academy, the Academy will take legal action to recoup from the teacher lost fees and damages.
  4. Where a teacher’s conduct is in breach of the above contract, they will be dismissed accordingly.
  5. If teachers have any problems with students or parents, or need advice on matters relating to their work, please contact the Director. We are here to support you.
  6. Teachers are to follow the Academy instructions regarding Covid19 procedures and protocols. If any teacher does not follow these, they will be deemed a risk, will be warned and possibility be terminated.
  7. Teachers are to review the Social Media Policy