Hire Conditions

All hires must be booked in advance, and picked-up by appointment.
  • Driver’s Lic. with photo and current address
  • A.C.N. or A.B.N. number.
  • Cash, 
  • EftPos,
  • Credit Card 
  • Direct Deposit
  • Deposit is not necessary if you have suitable Identification.
  • All Hire, Operation & Delivery Fees include 10% G.S.T.
  • Responsibility for care of our Equipment during the hire rests with the Hirer (you).
  • Any damage to, or loss of the equipment will be charged to the Hirer.
  • Exception to this is Equipment delivered with an Operator. In this case the responsibility is shared between the Hirer & AMDD
  • We carry public liability insurance.
  • Equipment for hire is not insured.
  1. In these conditions the “Hirer” is the person or company stated on the Hire Agreement / Invoice, and the “Owners” are Academy of Music Dance Drama.
  2. All responsibility for goods on hire is with the Hirer. The goods are not covered by insurance while on hire, unless arranged prior.
  3. The Hirer agrees to pay all costs for; cancelled hire, unpaid hire, interest, late return, damage to, or loss of any goods on hire. These costs are at the discretion of the Owner.
  4. The Hirer agrees to maintain control of the goods on hire and to take all reasonable steps to ensure their security.
  5. The Hirer agrees to make the goods available for inspection upon reasonable request by the Owners.
  6. If the Hirer shall make default in punctual payment, or fail to observe and perform these conditions, then the Owners may terminate this agreement immediately, and it shall be lawful for the Owners to repossess the goods on hire, and for that purpose to enter any premises where the same may be.
  7. Termination of this agreement shall not effect the right of the Owners to collect from the Hirers any monies payable or still owing.
  8. The Owner shall not be held responsible for any accident, damage or loss resulting directly or indirectly from the hired equipment unless such accident, loss or damage arises out of the negligent act or default of the Owner, provided that the Owner shall only be liable for direct damages and not consequential loss.
  9. The Hirer has read and fully understands these conditions of hire.