Izaac Wasley

Izaak Wasley is an Australian Institute of Music alumni completing his Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance)  through the Sydney Campus.

Since then he has been continuing his playing and performing of the guitar in various projects and groups since the completion of his studies (EROS Big Band, Short and Horny, SULT, Sammy Honeysett).

His journey started at the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music where he learnt Classical Guitar from the age of 7, before diving into focussing his study to Contemporary Music and Jazz. While playing in large ensembles through the Conservatorium, this gave him the opportunity to play alongside specialists such as both the Morrison brothers (John Morrison and James Morrison), and Jazz Guitarist James Muller.

Izaak is also a past member of the Southern Stars Orchestra, performing at stadium arena levels, giving him the opportunity to work with professional gear in a professional environment from his teenage years also being called back to tutor in the show in more recent years.

Has recently got himself involved in the music theatre scene playing in a range of shows across the region from Shrek to Strictly Ballroom to Chicago and all sorts in between.