V Mayer

Drama | Circus

V is a graduate of Newtown High School of the Performing arts, They have been performing and acting for over a decade! V teaches circus arts, gymnastics and parkour as well as drama throughout the Illawarra. They have a special interest in physical theatre and clowning and love introducing these skills to their students. V performs both theatre and circus arts regularly and is always up for a chat about whatever project they are working on. V is a firm believer in using art and theatre as an experiment, “there is no right or wrong there just is.” This idea is introduced in all of their classes to ensure students are exploring and creating to their full limits. They absolutely love teaching at the academy of music dance and drama and cannot wait to see there students thrive.

I have experience within a variety of creative arts, my favourites are drama and circus. I have been participating in drama classes for 11 years and performing for just as long.

6 years ago I began teaching beginner circus and drama and love being able to connect with my students and learn from them as I hope they learn from me. I love performing and try to do so as much as possible in as many forms as possible.

Other than your experience, what can you offer the Academy?

I am enthusiastic about all creative art forms and have a willingness and longing to learn new skills within them. I enjoy meeting and interacting with new people and sharing my love and knowledge of performance art with them. I am a great believer in using all types of skills to enhance the arts and often use my knowledge of circus and my recent interest in psychology to teach and understand drama and performance. I love talking and having discussions with people about anything and everything and am eager create relationships within the Academy and share my thoughts and ideas with them.

If I am to change a students experience, how will you do this?

I hope to ensure that every student knows that they have potential and that together we can work to unlock it in a fun and safe environment. Students should feel free to express themselves without fear of judgement as this will aid in them feeling comfortable and therefore aiding with their learning. Positive reinforcement and constructive criticism plays an important role in achieving this and shows that there is no such thing as perfect but playing and experimenting while learning from mistakes is the way to achieve goals.