School program

At the Academy, we believe learning to sing and skills with musical instrument provides great benefits for the student in their personal growth. It is known through many studies that students learning music are capable to absorb more in other subjects.

Our band program provides a platform for your students to learn creative skills through individual and group musical activities.

Some of these skills include;

  • Collaborating with others and building a sense of community
  • Self–confidence and respecting others
  • Learning and providing positive language feedback
  • Develop self-discipline, structure and positive work ethic
  • Striving through personal goal setting

We can manage the entire program, including but not limited;

  • Managing a band program representing the school
  • Linking school strategy and curriculum to provide educational outcomes
  • Providing music that is appropriate, accessible and entertaining
  • Instrument hire/rental if required
  • Student account management through our Customer Portal.
  • Access to our student learning platform for ongoing support
  • Supply of non-portable instruments, accessories and music
  • Extension lessons for G&T students
  • Scholarship for students who cannot access program

What we will bring to the program…

  • A brand that provides student centric programs to encourage engagement and enjoyment
  • A structured environment for learning
  • Excellent teachers personally selected by our director
  • Musical and educational expertise
  • A commitment to success and a work ethic which is second to none.
  • Business expertise
  • Focus on student centric experiences
  • The passion to make a difference music, learning and the community.

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