Brett Lucas

Brett Lucas


CONFIDENCE AND CREATIVITY: MUSICIAN FINDS KEY TO REINVENTING PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL Brett Lucas continues to expand The Academy of Music Dance Drama through increased enrolment and growing curriculum Thirroul, NSW - Brett Lucas, the reinvented founder of The Academy of Music Dance Drama, runs his school with this in mind: “I am on a mission to empower the creative minds and create more creative markets.” Brett has run The Academy of Music Dance Drama since 2018 and has continuously worked to transform it into the South Coast’s leading performing arts school, refusing to let a global pandemic stand in his way. Brett has increased student enrolment despite the standstill that COVID-19 has created for most people. In his three years of owning The Academy of Music Dance Drama, Brett took enrolment from 75 to over 250 students, with most new additions within the past year.

scotty burford

Scotty Burford

Guitar | Singer | Multi-instrumentalist

Highly experienced (over 3,500 professional gigs to his name, hundreds of recording sessions across a range of projects), he has worked at all levels of the music industry, both across Australia and the US. Scotty has performed in rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, folk, funk, and classical settings everywhere from backyard weddings to national TV appearances, and from small pub gigs to significant festivals with thousands of people in attendance. And in doing so, he has played with musicians from some of Australia’s biggest bands and shows.